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I adhere to the belief that nobody’s story is too painful to be heard or healed – even yours. Let’s work together so you can be empowered to make the long-term changes necessary to grow and thrive.

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How I Help
Life Transitions and Trauma

Life Transitions and Trauma

  • Receive discreet and expert support services for any life transitions or trauma related stress.
  • Receive individualized treatment tailored to your specific needs.
  • Get unstuck.
  • Be empowered to create the life and dreams that you desire and deserve.
  • Gain tools to deal with trauma-related anxiety and emotional duress.
Tragic Loss

Grief/Tragic Loss

  • Learn to make sense of and even find hope again through your losses.
  • Gain tools and coping skills to help you navigate your day to day challenges.
  • Get educational materials and feedback about the nature of your loss.
  • Begin to understand why others respond to your grief in confusing ways and learn to ask for what you need.
  • Learn to understand and accept family and friends’ grieving styles different from your own.


  • Learn to understand addiction and how it differs from other diseases.
  • Gain tools and support services for use cessation or longevity.
  • Get questions answered about why you or your loved one is still struggling with addiction.
  • Learn to love and forgive yourself again.
  • Deal with the issues underlying your addictions and take one step closer to creating a fulfilling, sober life.
Ways to Connect

My process allows me to meet with anyone in the world and reduce the burden of location-specific counseling. Join me for a Skype session or phone call.

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