Our Process

The most difficult part about the journey to self discovery is recognizing the need for change. That can be recognition within your life or within others in your life.

In being here today, you have already made that step.

I am here to build a co-created relationship together; one in which we explore the core issues that are holding you back in life. We will also delve into the passions and desires you have left untapped until now. During our work together, you will find yourself feeling more empowered, more expansive and more understanding of your life challenges. You will find education about your challenges and a new internal voice with which to grow past your losses, your pain and your past. No problem is too great or too small for us to build together.



Step One: you contact me with whatever your questions and concerns and challenges are.

Step Two: I respond to you within 24 hours and we work to schedule a 15 minute live chat or conversation to see what needs you have and if we are a good fit.

Step Three: We evaluate during our conversation what your needs are and determine a pricing plan and schedule that meets your exact needs.



We begin our journey together through regular meetings either via Video, Phone, Live Chat or Email (or some combination of these based on your uniquely tailored plan) (Plans that are individually tailored might also include options for mutual ventures such as nutritional counseling, business coaching, spiritual healing and/or e-training with one of my highly vetted and very seasoned partners).

We grow together in our relationship that is specifically designed to meet your unique needs – because you are unique.



The healing that begins in our sessions will only be the beginning.

Through our mutual work together, you will find ways to bring the healing you find into your life and into your relationships in ways that leave you feeling empowered and independent.