Your Story Matters

The most difficult part about the journey to self discovery is recognizing the need for change. That can be recognition within your life or within others in your life.  

In being here today, you have already made that step. 

I am here to build a co-created relationship together;  one in which we explore the core issues that are holding you back in life. We will also delve into the passions and desires you have left untapped until now.  During our work together, you will find yourself feeling more empowered, more expansive and more understanding of your life challenges. You will find education about your challenges and a new internal  voice with which to grow past your losses, your pain and your past.  No problem is too great or too small for us to build together. 

Life Transitions and Trauma

Grief and Tragic Loss


Life Transitions and Trauma
Tragic Loss
  • Receive discreet and expert support services for any life transitions or trauma related stress.
  • Receive individualized treatment tailored to your specific needs.
  • Get unstuck.
  • Be empowered to create the life and dreams that you desire and deserve.
  • Gain tools to deal with trauma-related anxiety and emotional duress.
  • Learn to make sense of and even find hope again through your losses.
  • Gain tools and coping skills to help you navigate your day to day challenges.
  • Get educational materials and feedback about the nature of your loss.
  • Begin to understand why others respond to your grief in confusing ways and learn to ask for what you need.
  • Learn to understand and accept family and friends’ grieving styles different from your own.
  • Learn to understand addiction and how it differs from other diseases.
  • Gain tools and support services for use cessation or longevity.
  • Get questions answered about why you or your loved one is still struggling with addiction.
  • Learn to love and forgive yourself again.
  • Deal with the issues underlying your addictions and take one step closer to creating a fulfilling, sober life.